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We all know that Youtube is an internet platform where you can host and live stream videos about the latest news, cat videos and gamers live streaming their clips of getting the ‘W’ or the chicken dinner. An integral part of Youtube is its subscribers. Subscribers are an integral part of Youtube as a viewer who finds your channel’s content interesting can subscribe to your channel and will get frequent access to your content and updates of your channel . Following are the reasons why Youtube subscribers are a core component to the business which is Youtube.

1. User Engagement Is Much Higher

User engagement is highly related to profitability of an online business. User attention is very difficult to grasp and is a finite resource. If users choose to spend time on your platform they become highly engaged users who are most likely to buy, return and share and share the product or service with friends.

2. Consumer Retention Rate Increases

Customer retention refers to the ability of a company or product to retain its customers over some specified period. High consumer retention rate helps retain the core customers of a business which helps customers to return to the business and are less likely to shift to a competitor’s service due to the time and energy invested in the business. In the case of Youtube and its channels it helps them as the viewers tend to watch most of the content of the creator if they are subscribed. The notification bell helps as they can immediately watch a video as soon as it’s uploaded which increases viewership.

3. Companies More Likely To Advertise On Youtube

Companies are more likely to advertise on Youtube due to the reasons mentioned above and also due to another crucial factor ‘cost’. Advertising products/services on traditional media is more expensive as traditional marketing costs 22 dollars per 1000 impressions while online marketing costs 3.45 dollars per 1000 impressions and thus channels with a huge subscriber base are going to receive a bigger part of the pie of the marketing budget of large companies like Coca-cola and Samsung for example.

Also companies instead of advertising through Youtube will directly contact the content creators for a long term partnership where they can reduce costs and the content creator does not need to pay commission to Youtube. For example an energy drinks company called g-fuel has struck a deal with large youtubers like Ksi and Pewdiepie whose subscriber base is larger than the population of most countries such as Australia which shows the potential of Youtube and it’s growth rate is still in double digits.

Ways to Increase Your Subscriber Base

• Find what interests you the most. If it’s gaming then post content related to gaming and if it’s dance then content related to dancing so in short find what you are passionate about.

• Find the best site to Buy Youtube Subscribers India and engage more subscribers on your channel.

• Post videos frequently as viewers will be more engaged but if you do not post videos consistently then the engagement with the viewers decreases.

• Differentiate yourself from other channels in your genre through your personality, humour, content style or the information in your videos as if there is no unique selling point about your channel it will be lost in a sea of similar content.

• Do not post clickbaity content as you may increase your viewership but you will decrease your watch time which will affect your revenue through advertising but will also decrease you user engagement and retention

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